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Craig on kinkakuji temple 金閣寺 (kyoto, japan)
Love that place. Have been couple of times and so intriguing. Thanks for the memory.

Lorinda on Sanjya Matsuri (Asakusa)
This one, I love. Great way to emphasize the smallness of this little man.

oveis on sakura petals 桜花びら (yanaka, tokyo)

carla on sakura petals 桜花びら (yanaka, tokyo)
Really beautiful!

ashwin on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
great work... keep blogging... you can also check my blog link is

Alisha on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
thats reeaallyy nice! lovely colors!

omid on cat and toddler 猫と幼児 (yokohama, japan)

Robert on crane and pond (harajuku, tokyo)
Great White Egret

Brian on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
Thought it was Paris too. Nevertheless, it looks like the tower is about to fall into the flames.

Jerry on Autumn scarecrow (Nassau, NY)
You captured the season.

mosleh on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
wow .really nice shot .beautiful well done :)

Deegii on hydrangea pose ピンクあじさい (yanaka, tokyo)
Japanese flowers are really enjoyable. And color is beautiful ..

Deegii on hydrangea closeup 青い あじさい (yanaka, tokyo)
I love it really... nice shot It's amazing

Justin on JR Nagoya Station Christmas Display 名古屋駅ライトアップ
will be at that place in 7 months. excellent shot!

Justin on sun o'er Fuji 富士山の上で太陽 (fujiyoshida)
one word. Wonderful!

Justin on Sakura twilight
this is so beautiful

parisa on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
nice shot

Mychandu on Autumn scarecrow (Nassau, NY)
Colourful shot

Aubélia on sakura petals 桜花びら (yanaka, tokyo)
Very beautiful!

mosleh on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
great ,very beautiful :)

silent photos on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
wow....really nice shot...

Russ on Five Rivers (Delmar, NY)
Great shot. I like the reflection of the trees off of the water.

Russ on Burden Lake (Nassau, NY)
Fantastic shot.

Russ on December 27 Blizzard (Averill Park, NY)
Can't tell if you used a fish eye lens or not, but it's a cool perspective and shot.

Russ on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
this is such a cool shot. Really like the lights in the photo.

Sázky on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
nice shot,great image,bravo

JCJ on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
i thought: Paris burning! but i was far from the reality ^^ interesting capture Happy new year !

Hediyeh on New Year Balloons (Tokyo, Japan)
great capture !

Diane - Daily Walks on Burden Lake (Nassau, NY)
Gorgeous! Love the perspective.

Diane - Daily Walks on December 27 Blizzard (Averill Park, NY)

Katalog Stron on December 27 Blizzard (Averill Park, NY)
great image,exellent compo,bravo

B.Held on Viking vs. Knight (Albany, NY)
how cool!

katalog firm on Autumn scarecrow (Nassau, NY)
great shot,exellent colours and details

Fusao on Autumn scarecrow (Nassau, NY)
nice mood.

mosleh on Five Rivers (Delmar, NY)
よくやったうわー、素晴らしいショット、非常に美しい、美しい色、:) wow , great shot,very ...

yvanmarn on Five Rivers (Delmar, NY)
Simple, yet beautiful. Congratulations!

Jasmine on Linus at the pond
Hello Linus. You have a nice name!

Céline on Moss-covered tree
Beautiful light !

Alisha on Flaps of the wings
good shot :)

Alexey on Sanjya Matsuri (Asakusa)
beautiful colors, first I though that it was a shot taken by film camera

Alexey on Desert sun 砂漠の太陽
wow, image looks so live, I can imagine myself there going in car

Alexey on Linus at the pond
so sweet doggy!

Alexey on Moss-covered tree
roots are amazing!

ansiedutoit on sakura petals 桜花びら (yanaka, tokyo)
stunning, especially here, where you cannot see where the photo ends!

Hiro on Flaps of the wings
Nice capture !

Fusao on Moss-covered tree

Becky on Desert sun 砂漠の太陽
looks hot! Love the action.

Philip on Desert sun 砂漠の太陽
Great shot on the move. Nice colours.

Jean-Michel on Desert sun 砂漠の太陽
Nice shot and colors. Taken on a move.

Jean-Michel on Joshua Tree National Park: Stones ジョシュア・ツリー国立公園の石
Great shot. I really like the way you took the picture. The red color of the rocks are nice.

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