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my first exposure to developing b&w film, during my 5th grade photo class, opened my eyes to the personalities of shadow and light, and how they can be manipulated to produce striking images. it wasn't until a photography course in uni, however, that i started tinkering around with the more technical aspects of photography.

i take a more "purist" attitude toward photography--and seldom photoshop photos to improve them, opting instead to compose an image and let the camera do the work for me.

if you're interested in obtaining images for use as japan wallpaper, please let me know and i'll try to provide something in the resolution of your choice.

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Photography Equipment

- nikon f4, f100, d300

- fuji velvia, provia reversal film; kodak 100VC reversal film; ilford 50 and 3600 speed b&w. scanned on a minolta dimage scan dual IV.